13 augusti, 2014


My May 2014 was a very good month. It happened a lot in May, for example my graduation that I've already posted. So this is everything else during May and MAN! I tried out so many new gooooodies in the kitchen, that my mouth is watering right now.

Left a note for my roommate and a beer. Loved being her roommate.

 Came home to a celebration brunch and it was freaking awesome.

 As you can see!

This month couldn't have ended any better way. One of my favorite bands, since seven years when I went to high school, had a gig in my hometown. Billie the vision and the dancers rocked as usual.

2 kommentarer:

Sarah || Daydreams of Summertime sa...

Wow those photo's ae great! And all of that lovely looking food looks amazing! Very hungry now!

Matilda sa...

Vilka underbara sommarbilder! Åh, sommar. <3