12 augusti, 2014


I took this last week and wanted to get inspired from the sentence "How did we get here" because I didn't have any plans at all for my future.
My autumn was blank.

Well, some new doors opened last night.
Today I got accepted to an education that my eighty-five-year-old-I told me that she went to.
I'm very happy, frighted and scared. And nervous.

But this is my "How did we get here" when I doubted the future the most.

2 kommentarer:

Malin sa...

Så. Jäkla. Fint. Skrivet. Ingrid!!! Och superfin bild på dig, så drömmig, den passar perfekt till det här inlägget. Är det du som tagit den? Puss!

Matilda sa...

Okej, den här bilden föll jag verkligen för. Så... lugn, den andas fridfullhet. Otroligt vacker.