30 maj, 2014


We drove to Ronneby for a little late trip during Easter, and visited Cafè Mandeltårtan. I thought I've been there before but I had mixed it up with another café nearby, so this was my first time.
Their interior is awesome! My favorite of all times, is the lamp in the ceiling with all the little lamps.

My eyes fell on that insanely tasty cheesecake with lime and passionfruit.
I sat in a chair that made me feel like a queen.
It was very beautiful.

25 maj, 2014

20 maj, 2014


Look at these beautiful little waves, I did surf them in this spot for two weeks.

This was our view for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Hossegor.
I don't think I need to tell you that I loved this.

16 maj, 2014


I try to test a lot of new things that I want to do. This April I did my first bagels, woop woop. I'm very happy because they turned out great. The best part is that you can freeze them and when you're in the mood for one, take one out, and they still taste good!
I prefer my bagels with salmon, salad and paprika. Truly deeply beautiful food.

14 maj, 2014


I love this gazebo. I like this view. This is from up high on Garpeberget in Gamleby.

But it's first now, when I'm leaving this place, that I feel sorry that I haven't used this beautiful view more. I sat here for thirty minutes in the sunshine. Felt the wind play with my hair and let the sun warm my skin.

13 maj, 2014


We ate dinner every night. We walked to the market and purchased commodities. We laughed and had fun. Listened to music and watched movies. We took care of eachother, Rebecca and I.

12 maj, 2014


Reading: Hateship, Friendship, Courtship by Alice Munro.
Eating: It's been a beautiful variation the last few days: two different types of pie, yummy tacos and lentil soup. And because Rebecca's vegan, everything's been vegan and I like it! Loving all kinds of new raw materials about cooking.
Thinking about: Life and the future.
I'm thinking a lot. About humanity. About sense and gut instinct. How I want to be and who I don't want to be. That I need to listen what my heart tells me.
Listening at: A lot with Daft Punk and also soundtrack from Frozen.
Enjoying: Post-graduation.
I graduated from Gamleby Photography school this friday. It's been two years. It feels strange but at the same time awesome! I did it and made it through! It feels so good to have this chapter finished.  I left Gamleby this Saturday and I truly see forward not to come back anytime soon.
Watching: Sea ​​giants.
A beautiful program in three parts, about whales all over the world. 
Loving: My new found friendship with Rebecca.
Makes me happy: My family. I love my relationship with my family. I love them alot.

05 maj, 2014


I'm in Gamleby and is living with this happy little munchkin for about a week.
It's awesome. I'm doing the dishes and 
she seasons our food fantastic. We're a perfect roommate combo.
She even let me take some portraits of her tonight. A little preview, ain't she beautiful?

01 maj, 2014


Two weeks ago I cut my hair. I've been darkbrown the last six months and already when I coloured my hair dark I decided that before summer I wanted to go back to my own haircolour, the typical ordinary nordic blond.

So here I am, blond and a lot less hairy. Truth is that my hair is not that short. But it's nice to rock the shortie sometimes. The length of my hair is just above the shoulders, and in the right photo, it's in a pony tail. Sometimes I want the same hairstyle that Tina Majorino in Veronica Mars has in the movie. She sure rocks that hair!

I try to embrace these changes. Embrace and enjoy them.