12 maj, 2014


Reading: Hateship, Friendship, Courtship by Alice Munro.
Eating: It's been a beautiful variation the last few days: two different types of pie, yummy tacos and lentil soup. And because Rebecca's vegan, everything's been vegan and I like it! Loving all kinds of new raw materials about cooking.
Thinking about: Life and the future.
I'm thinking a lot. About humanity. About sense and gut instinct. How I want to be and who I don't want to be. That I need to listen what my heart tells me.
Listening at: A lot with Daft Punk and also soundtrack from Frozen.
Enjoying: Post-graduation.
I graduated from Gamleby Photography school this friday. It's been two years. It feels strange but at the same time awesome! I did it and made it through! It feels so good to have this chapter finished.  I left Gamleby this Saturday and I truly see forward not to come back anytime soon.
Watching: Sea ​​giants.
A beautiful program in three parts, about whales all over the world. 
Loving: My new found friendship with Rebecca.
Makes me happy: My family. I love my relationship with my family. I love them alot.

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