29 mars, 2015


I haven't posted anything big in a while. This is photos from a trip last June. It was bad weather; windy and rainy, and we had decided to make a trip. It was summer and I had worked the morning shift at the hotel. Karin picked me up and then we picked up Amanda.

We drove to Kristianopel, that's located on the southeast coast of Sweden. Kristianopel is a peaceful harbour thats really beautiful during summers.
We ate lunch at Café Sweet & Salt and then we walked around for a bit. Enjoyed to see some waves and feel the wind.

 Karin and Amanda, my companions, at the café.

 The café has a very marine decor and I find it very calming.

 The weather was grey and rainy but still beautiful.

 I ordered a salad and you can't eat lunch without something afterwards, I do love pies.
They're my sweet spot.

 Amanda and me.

 Karin and Amanda.

The flag was demolished by the powerful wind.

 It was idyllically as you can see.

 We walked on the mound that goes around the village and we enjoyed the wind.

I remember that I had missed watching the ocean and the waves. So that's what we did. Just stood there and watched the water.

 These two are amazing.

 And here's the best person in the world to me. My twin sister and me. We're air to each other.

 This bush is shaped like a heart. I liked that.

I would love to go inside this house, it was so beautiful from the outside.

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