16 juli, 2014


I graduated from Gamleby Photography School in the beginning of May. Two years went by so fast and suddenly we're here at the end. Out last night we had a bbq where I met my classmates for the first time in August 2012. We who traveled home one day later decided to have the last night together.

Our second to last night was so much fun, last party with everybody at school. We played Epic sax guy for over an hour and it was awesome. We even danced like he do in the video and it felt great! We drank only champagne and we celebrated hard!

On my graduation day, me and my classmates got princess cake and when we scooped cake in our mouths, a slideshow rolled with our photos that we had taken early in our education. We were good then and now we can see clear that we have improved a lot since a year ago.
We've pushed our projects forward and succeded to deliver great products early this week, during presentations.

This is my graduation week with photos from my phone.

- I cleaned out my locker and my box. Found my portfolio and some beautiful cows I photographed when I went to school on Gotland in 2011.

- First breakfast in G-by. I love breakfasts. My roommate Rebecca didn't eat breakfast that often, but when I was there we ate all meals together.

- Our Sunday dinner, porridge and an egg for me.
- And a late afternoon, a hot cup of chocolate to celebrate that I rocked my presentation that monday.

- This is my book that I've done. It's called "Good and colorful, Creative special food". I presented it and got approved!

- Enjoyed an evening with new people and celebrated with my favorite cider, Magners and I was very happy!
- Another night we invited some friends over for some tacos.

- I skyped with my classmate Karin, who's down under in Melbourne. I've missed her a lot these last six months.
- And my workstation with very good company and a cup of tea.

- Printed some photos and laughed about this paper on the wall. "Don't let your printer know that you're in a hurry, THEY SMELL FEAR". So true!
- Left school for good, a rainy thursday night.

- On our way to the last party, with only champagne to drink. We walked through a very rainy Gamleby and I opened my bottle on the way and I felt free.

- Party people around 2 am, after a lot of Epic sax guy and marshmallows. I had a blast!

- Time for graduation! I felt nice in my dress and the sun was shining on me and my rose.
- We ate pizza for lunch in a beautiful park, and when it later started pouring we took shelter in a gazebo. A pizza never taste this good.

- Our last night's BBQ view. This was before it started pouring again. We took shelter in a dance pavilion and continued to enjoy our food and each other's company.

- Saturday morning, my last day, a view over Garpe mountain.
- Somewhere outside of Kalmar, on my way home. Enjoying the sunset.

- At home my family celebrated me a lot! They took me to brunch and it was absolutely amazing! I love them!
- I got this beautiful book, that I longed for, from my big sister. It's called "The meaning with all this shit" and I'm very excited!

It's still a bit crazy to understand that I'll never need to come back to Gamleby anytime soon.
This era is over.

Thanks for these two years, that made me grow a lot.

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